Upcoming Dates



January 20: Boss Life Ball, Houston, TX

January 24: Corporate Event, Detroit, MI

January 26 & 28: Abundance 360 Summit, Beverly Hilton, Beverly Hills, CA

February 13: Corporate Event, ARIA Resort & Casino, Las Vegas, NV

February 16: Private Event, Hollywood, CA

February 23: Private Event, Mexico

March 6: Corporate Event, Seattle, WA

March 15: Porsche Grand Opening Event, Palm Desert, CA

March 21: Corporate Event, Houston, TX

March 22: Corporate Event, Palm Springs, CA

April 6: Wedding, Rancho Palos Verdes, CA

April 13: Wedding, Coronado, CA

April 18: Suite Jazz Series, Atlanta, GA (Open to the public)

April 20: Jazz Concert, opening for Peter White, Anchorage, Alaska at the Atwood Concert Hall.

Venue Address: 621 West 6th. Ave., Anchorage, Alaska. Purchase tickets at CENTERTIX.COM or call 263-ARTS.

May 1: St. Joseph’s College, Long Island, NY

May 4: Corporate Event, Palm Springs, CA

May 13 & 14: Corporate Event, Anaheim, CA

May 16: Corporate Event, Houston, TX

May 18: Wedding, Traverse City, MI

June 22: Wedding, River Vale, NJ

September 12: Corporate Event, Cary, NC

September 14: Private Event, Cincinnati, OH

September 21: Wedding, San Diego, CA

September 28: Wedding, Durham, NC

October 6: Wedding, Houston, TX

December 7: Wedding, Charleston, SC


January 4: Private Event, Huntsville, AL